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The H.M.S Bounty

Posted in Adventures with tags on May 20, 2012 by g0y3r


I recently had the chance to go see the HMS Bounty, a replica of the original ship that was made famous for the mutiny that took place on board. This ship is slightly larger than the original, and  has been used in many films. Built in 1960 for MGM studios, it had some mileage, but continues to actively sail on tours and competitions.

The day was overcast, so it was not the best day for pictures, but it was still impressive to see an old wooden tall ship just across the water from the modern battleship North Carolina.


Since it is a movie prop, most of the ship is relatively bare without anything fancy or ornate. This is a working ship, and you have to respect how one ship has done so much in its lifetime.


By the way the man in the pirate outfit said Savannah Georgia is the place to go for a great time, and anyone who dresses as a pirate and sails up and down the east coast is an expert on how to have a good time.

It would have been nice to see this boat on a nicer day,  but it was still a sight to see. If you ever have the chance, definitely go see it, then the next time you watch the Pirates of the Caribbean you can impress your friends by saying “See that ship there? I’ve been on that ship.”