Nothing wrong with it…

So basically I noticed my blog actually got some attention back when I only wrote about my random opinions on things, and since my pictures of the HMS Bounty was such a flop, guess I might as well go back to writing as if no one was reading haha. Do my whole venting thoughts on random subjects and just stick to that, at least I can do that on a regular basis. Also an old friend Cate Hall is doing a blog called “The Eating of Ramen” and I have taken an interest in that, mainly because she is a recent college grad and I enjoy reading about what I may face when I get out of school.

So today’s rant is about…well I suppose two books/movies that have been motivating myself in very interesting ways. I am speaking about Fight Club (movie, haven’t read the book yet) and Atlas Shrugged, the epic tome of Ayn Rand that I have been trying to finish for a couple of years now.  They have a funny contrast, because on one hand you have the anti-capitalist drive of Fight Club, and then the socialist crushing, industrialist demigods of Ayn Rand.

“We are working jobs that we hate to buy shit we don’t need!” I concur with Fight Club on that statement. Then there is Atlas Shrugged, that makes you feel like you are less of a human being if you do not use your mind and body to work hard and produce something great. It makes you believe in the power of the dollar and the value of being able to trade your work and ideas only for your self benefit to the self benefit of another. Both stories have powerful commentary on culture in my mind. They both inspire me, despite coming from different sides. I really want to read the book Fight Club of course, to better understand the philosophy of the characters in the story.

The message of both stories: DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE.

The beauty of stories is that they make us think and see things in new ways. Stories impacts us, and they change us. So pay good attention to what kind of stories you hear, read, or see. Let them inspire you, and always ask yourself:

What kind of story am I writing?


What do you think?

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