Remember those brilliant moments you have?

I often have brilliant moments where I impress even myself.
I like to wave at those moments as they pass by…I never seem to be able to call on those ideas when I need them most, much less remember what I was thinking about.
“Oh I know how to solve world hunger! All we need to do is this and this…”
Then I see something ironic/shiny/edible/sexy/cute/fluffy/dangerous/flammable and I’ve lose all of those genius thoughts. Which has lead me to conclude that there is nothing to being smart, the trick is writing it down and not getting distracted while you look for pen and paper.
Trust me, I have lost many great blog posts from thinking “oh, that would make a great post, I will have to write it down.” Five minutes later I have failed to write it down, and I think it will be okay because I can just recall it all later.
Moral of the story: I am special and must write everything down. So should you, never know when genius will strike.


One Response to “Remember those brilliant moments you have?”

  1. okikuziha Says:

    Bahahaha! I love this.

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