Ants and why I hate them

I hate fire ants. If I could engineer some sort of nasty little apocalypse to wipe them from the earth, I would. Oh the little guys who clean up garbage and do good in the world can stay, but the fire ants must die. I often imagine that somewhere in the world is a hidden cave covered with red buttons inside silver boxes. Each box is labeled for a living thing, and if you push the button for their box, they instantly become extinct. I would be torn between fire ants and mosquitoes, but in the end I would reason that more species depend on mosquitoes as a food source, and despite all the harm they cause, it really would affect thousands of animals that feed on them. Or maybe not, but that would be the eternally unanswered question because I would choose fire ants.

I was going to write about how on a brighter note, since we are stuck with fire ants for the time being, that they really are fascinating creatures that people can learn a lot from. However that idea has soured to me after writing the above, and now I can only think about what an abomination they are. Fun fact, ants wage war on other colonies and actually have battle tactics for how they actually attack and defend their homes. They will even take prisoners to work in the hive. Some ants have massive bulldozer ants that act as tanks or just to move large objects.

Okay, yeah there was my little nature talk about how we shouldn’t hate or demonize any living thing, because they all have something special about them. Honestly though…

Fuck fire ants.



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