Sleepy and obsessed with that bass guitar

This is again one of those moments where I thought I had something awesome to write about so I could at least of some sort of mid-week post to speak of, but once again I failed to write down those good ideas and I’m also sleepy, so I got nothing.

I have also procured a decent bass guitar, and I am becoming obsessed with that. It is actually rather scary, I have never been so obsessed with any one thing…well there are a couple of other things that are always on my mind, but that is another post in itself. So yeah, first musical instrument that I will actually practice everyday and in fact may have to force myself to stop playing from time to time.

The bass guitar has always called to me. I have always loved that sound, and I like the simplicity of the instrument. It doesn’t take much to be able to play well known and memorable bass lines. The big pro of course is that I can finally play with my extremely talented friends, such as Alex Xavier. An excellent musician and I have him to thank for getting me introduced to my new love, the Ibanez bass. I like Ibanez because they are a decent brand that make very lovely guitars. So yeah…that is all I got right now, I think I am about to retire and keep working on learning the pink panther theme.


One Response to “Sleepy and obsessed with that bass guitar”

  1. okikuziha Says:

    Pink Panther. Haha!

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