Why I’m looking forward to watching my friends grow up

In the next few years I am expecting there to be several big moments in my life. Hopefully a couple of them will be finishing college and finding a cool job near the ocean, but there are some others that I get excited thinking about at night.

Like when my friends and brother get married. Oh man am I excited for that to happen! I’m pretty much against marriage for myself, just not something I want to do, but now when my buddies get hitched I’m probably going to be happier than they are about it. I’m not sure why, I guess because I will enjoy living through them in a way, I may never get married or have kids, but when my friends do it will be just as exciting for me as for them. In fact I am thinking about getting some fine liquor and save it to celebrate the occasions. Have different bottles labeled: Alex’s wedding, Alex’s first child, Doug’s wedding, Doug’s first child, Dom’s wedding, Dom’s first child, etc. I should end up with about eight bottles I think, need some for my sister as well.

Maybe other people feel the same way about their friends, I’m not sure since I’ve never asked anyone. I know for me though, it is the most exciting thing about life for me. Getting to see the guys closest to me grow up and have families. I’m really looking forward to it.


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