What is love?

Love is being afraid, love is climbing a tree and feeling the limb break as you reach the top. It shakes you and spins you around, until you forget which way is up and which is down. Love consumes you, love makes you or breaks you. Love is the great unsolved mystery that makes life worth living. Love can drive minds and hearts to such despair as to take their own life. Love is the great equalizer, love is what makes us human.

There will be a time in life when you will meet someone. Someone that falls into your life like a shooting star and can never be forgotten. Their entrance may come unnoticed, subtle yet sudden and you wonder where they have been your whole life. You will quickly fall in love with this person, for better or worse, but you don’t care because the act of loving them while you can far out weighs the many risks and dangers. Passions flare and sparks fly, you become ensnared in this crazy dream. It may end suddenly, it may last a lifetime, you may depart each other with joy or anger, and you may find each other again in life or death. But one idea, one fact that is certain, is neither of you will ever be the same again, and you both become better people from having shared your lives for however long.


What do you think?

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