I hate sunshine and giggles

Is it wrong when you begin to loathe happy people? Is there something in the selfish human brain that says, “hey, I’m not happy so no one else should be happy either!” I guess it is something with the ego, that when it gets bruised you start to hate sunshine, giggles, and especially seeing other people happy. Or is it simple jealousy? “Oh, they are having fun, why can’t I enjoy life?” Or even just plain bitterness that is sucking away the joy of being alive. If you are experiencing these symptoms, the only thing I’ve found so far that cures me is a strong drink. Which is very sad but true. A good rum and coke puts a grin on my face and I stop caring about everything. Moral of the story…don’t let life get you down or you will start drinking.

The End.



One Response to “I hate sunshine and giggles”

  1. okikuziha Says:

    Hmm. Sounds like ego to me. Believe me bud, I’m dealing with mine too. Might want to check out a book by Eckhart Tolle called “A New Earth”. It’s pretty interesting stuff and it might help you figure out if it’s the problem, Mr. Scholarly Bum. 🙂

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